What Is a Whipped Cream Gun?

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Whether you are creating a specialty dessert or preparing a cup of coffee, a whipped cream gun is a great addition to your kitchen. A whipped cream dispenser has a stainless steel body and can be used with hot or cold liquids. It comes with decorative tips and a holder for the whipped cream cartridges. In addition, a whipped cream gun has a non-stick coating to prevent leaks.

Whipped Cream banned in NY state

The nozzle of a whipped cream dispenser is made from stainless steel or aluminium. It works by using small metal cartridges that contain compressed nitrous oxide, which forces the liquid through a nozzle at the top. A lever or trigger controls the amount of gas released, and the nozzle releases the final product.

For smaller amounts, a whipped cream gun is an excellent alternative to a hand mixer. It is easy to clean, has few parts, and is very effective at whipping cream. It also works for emulsifying dressings, mayonnaise, and whipping drinks to a foam. A whipped cream dispenser also has measurements written on its side for easy measuring.

Another type of whipped cream dispenser is a siphon. These are also commonly used to create fresh whipped cream, but they can have many other uses in the food service industry. These dispensers use nitrous oxide gas, which creates tiny bubbles that give whipped cream its soft texture.