The Page of Cups Meaning Love

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page of cups meaning love

The Page of Cups is the eleventh card of the Cups suite, and it represents the childlike side of your personality. This card can indicate a positive romance. It also represents the development of your inner core. This card suggests that you should listen to your heart. It is also a sign of a friend in need.

The Page of Cups can be an indication of romance and love. This card may indicate a younger love prospect, although love does not care about age. It may also mean a partner trying to impress you, and doing so quickly. If your financial situation is not in order to meet a new lover, the Page of Cups may indicate that you need to tighten your belt or make some financial changes.

The Page of Cups can also indicate emotional immaturity. If the card is reversed, you might be experiencing a breakup, or perhaps you’ve been rejected. This person may not be able to handle the rejection, and might end up being unhinged and unpredictable. The Page of Cups can also indicate the loss of precious things.

If you are single, page of cups meaning love can suggest a new romantic situation. You can also expect to renew a friendship or a relationship. In addition, the Page of Cups can indicate a sudden burst of creativity. The Page of Cups can also show a young person who is intuitive and creative. If you are in a relationship, it may be a good time to express yourself with creativity and romance.