Passover Programs

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Passover Programs

Passover Programs are run by tour companies who take over all or a portion of a hotel or resort for the entire week of Passover. This allows guests to avoid the labor intensive chores of cleaning their homes of chametz (food with leavening agents) and shopping for Passover products. Typically the programs are all inclusive and provide all meals, programming for both children and adults and entertainment throughout the stay.

There are Passover Programs available all over the world in locations to satisfy every family’s needs and desires. Some are for the beach lover while others cater to the avid skier and even those looking for a luxury vacation. In addition to the locations there are also a wide variety of programs ranging from basic to those with celebrity guest speakers, ambassadors and famous singers. Go here

Passover Programs for Adventure Seekers: Outdoor Activities to Enjoy

To find the right Passover Program you should start by making a list of what you and your family need and want from your holiday. This will help narrow down the choices and make it easier to select the perfect program for you and your family.

If your family has medical needs or someone is allergic to certain foods then you should make sure those are noted as a priority so that the program will accommodate those needs. You will also want to note any special diets that need to be followed if that is the case for anyone in your family.

Most Passover programs include all meals, entertainment and activities and even wine in the daily price so you won’t have to worry about that extra expense. Some also have Rabbi’s on the premises to lead services and answer questions for the guests during the holiday.