The Land Rover old defender has long been a vehicle of choice for the UK police force, thanks to its rugged nature. It is also a popular choice for campers, thanks to its huge load capacity and solid axles that allow it to tackle any terrain.

However, as the years have gone by, it has been threatened by emissions and safety regulations. This is why the Defender is set to be replaced by a more modern model in 2015.

What does the new model have that the old one doesn’t?

The new Defender offers better approach and departure angles than its predecessor, while still having a manual gearbox. This helps it cope with the harsher conditions that off-roading can bring, while offering plenty of space inside.

Its updated powertrains have improved performance and reliability too. It also features a range of features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Classic works upgrade kit

If you want to go a little further, Land Rover has an upgrade kit for the older Defender 90 and 110. These include things like 18-inch wheels + tires and handling and suspension upgrades.

Heated seats and a reversing camera are among the other features. You’ll pay a bit more for the upgrade but, overall, you get a lot more for your money.

You can even opt for Himalaya’s custom build. Their box-welded and galvanized chassis come straight from the UK, sourced directly from original unused parts. Then Himalaya will install a new interior, disc brakes and a few other upgrades to make it almost as close to the storied Defenders of the past as you can get.…

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